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Opdateret: 6. dec. 2018

Throughout history, the soul has been understood as belonging to, and being part of all creation – and connected in a spiritual way, to other living souls. The notion of an individual soul, is a postmodern invention.

It seems that busyness often distract us from soul-connecting with each other. According to a research done by UCLA, american married couples spend on average 36 minutes talking together – EACH WEEK!. And most of this talk is about logistics. Do we still have meaningful soul-conversations with our partner?

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has done decades of research on love expressions and physical health and she has found that “Our supreme emotion (of love) effects everything we feel, think, do and become, including our mental and physical health (see more:

According to Dr. Fredrickson, deep soul connection is found not only in conversation, but especially in eye contact, gestures, tone of voice and appropriate touch.

As you go through this week, think of opportunities to connect with someone you trust and love or like. That will satisfy your soul much more than any Facebook or Instagram posting can do.

Keep loving, and thanks for your attention. (If you like, please share).


Mads Fredskilde, M.A. par- og familie terapi

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